Workshop Ute

No workshop is complete with out that fantastic workhorse… the UTE.

This is my 1962 Ford Falcon Ute.  Full bare metal respray and everything new or reconditioned..

This will be my transport to all the shows… go in style I say…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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One Response to Workshop Ute

  1. Don Butler says:

    Hey Larry, nice blogsite!
    I browsed your shop.
    You know, I just had to. Mine is such a mess, I just had to see if yours was as disorganized as mine!
    Well, I guess we do what we have to while we’re working, and if we run out of time after the work, well then, it gets cleaned the next time, right?
    At least that’s the way it is here.
    It’s deep winter here and my shop is too cold to work in. With the price of gas, I don’t turn on the furnace unless its absolutely necessary. So, when I need tools for something in the house, I dash out and grab what I need and dash back inside.
    When finished, the tools just get dropped on the router table or the ShopSmith and I go back in.
    Come warmer weather, I’ll put the Subaru outside and give the shop a good cleanup.
    I like what you do in your shop!
    I have to ask you, in case I haven’t before, what do you tell customers who buy your cutting boards about maintenance? I had an unpleasant experience with a customer who scrubbed a cutting board in a sink-full of hot water and then let it lay on a drain board.
    Naturally, it warped badly.
    I replaced it with a new one and advised him about how to treat it. I never heard from him again. He obviously avoids me, so I somehow made an enemy.
    So, that’s why I don’t sell cutting boards. I don’t want anybody mad at me because of something like woodworking.
    I want my work to be a joy, not a cause of irritation.
    Well, anyway, I enjoyed the look-around in your shop.
    Do you have a day job, too?
    I noticed one photo where it looks like you’re in a factory building.
    OK, Larry, I’ll stop bending your ear!

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