Major machines.

Well what is a workshop without tools..

The main machine that nearly all woodworkers have is the table saw.. mine is a Carb-a-tec model, 12 inch 2 hp, with the famous Incra TSLS 32 Fence system.

Next comes the jointer and thicknesser.. 6 inch Chinese knockoff and a Carb-a-tec 15 inch,[ industrial 15 amp 3 hp], thicknesser. A bandsaw is a handy piece of kit and I have a 14 inch Carb-a-tec model with an 8 inch rise….

A machine that I find essential if you are making cutting boards or anything which requires multiple glue ups is the Drum Sander.. The Jet 16/32 was the best that I could afford at the time and ideally I would have liked the 22/44 oscillating head sander by Jet

Talking about sanders I have a 6 inch belt , 9 inch disc sanding station and a separate 12 disc sander. The 12 inch is set up with a jig for sanding cirles and arcs. And that is not to forget the oscillating spindle sander also from Carb-a-tec.

A Carb-a-tec lathe is sitting near the front of the workshop waiting for me to have time to learn how to use it.. maybe when I am older… LOL.

All these tools make a lot of saw dust so I have 3 dust extractors 2 by 1hp and 1 by 2hp… ideally I would like a cyclone with infra red remote set up outside the shop…

There is also a 16 inch Drill press… bench model mounted on a thrown away cabinet with castors underneath.

I am leaving the best for last… I have the first Torque Workcentre made.  I wont say too much about this fantastic piece of equipment as I will be dealing with all its features and functions in later posts.

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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