It’s my Birthday

Well another year has rolled round and as I look back I can see so much that has happened..

I am one year older and I hope one year wiser..

I would like to think that when I see an opportunity, I grab it with both hands..

That is what happened when I went to the Maleny Wood Show last year.. I saw the Torque Workcentre being demonstrated by Keith Yarker with the help of Aaron Horsey and his cousin Luke Horsey..

Torque Workcente surfacing a burl.

I knew then that I had to have one..did not have the money  …  but I bought it anyway…..found the money later… never dreaming what would come from that one decision..

I had already become a member of Lumberjocks, so when we made the videos of the machine in action, it was only natural to post them there.  From there it is history… I sold my first machine by accident and became a reseller.. with all that entails.. to get a commission I needed an Australian Business Number [ABN], so I registered the business…. and as I have said before, even got a mobile phone. This has been a steep learning curve… going from hobbyist to business owner… I am still enjoying the ride and having the Internet is just stupendous..

Since joining Lumberjocks, nearly a year ago [looks like another birthday coming up soon], I have posted over 2600 times [ that’s an average of 7 times each and every day]….

This includes posting 115 projects, writting 100 blogs, reviewing 3 pieces of equipment [with more to come] ….some with video clips….

I also started 60 forum topics and gathered together 186 buddies who want to see what I get up to next……

Now I have this blog site and an e-commerce site to peddle my wares…

Who would have thunk it…?

I feel that I am a very lucky man… a beautiful wife, Debbie, 3 grown children [all girls, Amanda, Kylie and Samantha] and a delightful one-year old grandson, Malakai… not to mention a brother Tony] and two sisters [Rhonda and Sharon…. I won’t say who is the younger… family joke] who I love dearly [ even when we don’t see eye to eye]… and a whole swag of nieces, nephews, and a grand niece [who I cherish]

To top all that off I have a really nice shed where I can go and play…and a lot of the tools that I only dreamed of, when I would sit and watch Norm on The New Yankee Workshop.

And the cool black ute to drive around in…an inspirational chair to sit in….. and the inspirational Fridge

Thanks to all who have been part of this fantastic journey so far and  I look forward to what the next 12 months will bring… only bigger and better … I am sure…

I will start on Monday… I promise…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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8 Responses to It’s my Birthday

  1. Lew says:

    Life is good, Larry, life is good. Happy Birthday, buddy.


  2. Smitty says:

    Happy Birthday Larry
    hope you have many more.

  3. Donnie Gaskin aka donjoe says:

    Relax a bit and have a wonderful birthday.

  4. Ellen35 says:

    Happy birthday Larry.
    Sorry to have missed the party!

  5. Mike says:

    Happy birthday Larry! I am glad for you with your new business and anything else good happening in your life.

    Good things don’t just happen. Someone has to make them happen. With your initiative, talent and skills I’m certain good things will continue to happen as well. I know you work hard to get the results you expect, and I can see you are willing to take a risk to get what you want.

    It will be fun to see where you are at when your next birthday rolls around. Meanwhile keep up the good work. I wish you another great year!

    Your Friend,


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