Back to the workshop..

OK enough of this computer stuff. As much as I love playing on the computer, my  love of making sawdust is greater…

Yesterday I had a visitor… John from Pomona… who wanted to play with the Torque and have a look around my workshop..

Although he has watched the videos and seen the pics… read the blogs and posts… he wanted to come and see for himself where  the FUN happens..

Lazy Larry’s Workshop… the inspirational chair… I now have two and he sat in the second one and we chatted about all manner of things.. and the inspirationaly fridge… although as he was driving he did not partake of the inspirational Cool Aid… lime of course.. but mainly he was utterly besotted with the Torque Workcentre as are many people when they actually get to see one close up..

“The machine is every bit as impressive in person as on the computer screen—maybe more so.”

Kent Shepherd.

I know that Kent is probably as biased as I am but that is what he said when he first saw the Torque up close and personal… I know that a lot of you will agree … as have thousands of my fellow Aussies.. now it is time for all the American Cousins to come and have a look and see what they think…

But as I have said… enough of that…

For the next project that I am going to make I have selected  a simple DVD Tower … I intend to use NGR… with some accents… probably SA and PH… what do you reckon BOB. The 15 degree slanted grooves will be cut with the TWC … arm angled to the required 15 degrees and a fairly simple registration jig made to fit to the rear of the machine to facilitate using the limiting stop on the rear post plate.

Before anyone asks…. the slots for the DVDs will be sloped down towards the back… obviously… but you never know …. most of you will see that if they were sloped down towards the front you would have to push them up… lol.. I know… I really did have to say that…

This project will be filmed on the new Digital Video Camera I got for my birthday the other day… and I will include some still shot … if I can work out how the editing software works… fairly simply according to Apple… yes I have a Mac and I love it…

This project will be started as soon as I select the NGR … probably in the next week…

I have several projects that I intend to produce over the coming months.. so I hope some of you will drop by now and then to check on my progress.

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to Back to the workshop..

  1. patron says:

    after waiting all my life ,
    i can do a month ,

    in my sleep !

  2. Donnie Gaskin aka donjoe says:

    I will be looking in often to see what projects you are working on. Crank it up.

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