First TWC dealer in the USA.

Just got a message from Kent Shepherd … the first dealer in America for the Torque Workcentre. He was invited to attend the filming of the Cool Tools Show in Denver Colorado. A chance of a lifetime..getting to see Stu Lees from Stu’s Shed put the machine through is paces.. and to get to meet Chris Grundy who according to Kent … is a fun guy…. and to be there during the filming…

Not to mention being able to load the Torque onto his 16 foot trailer and drive off into the sunset with it…

I know that Kent is really excited about being the first Dealer in America and actually having a machine in his showroom…

When I spoke with Greg [Kent’s Son-in-law] yesterday Kent had not returned from Denver.. but was expected anytime..

This was waiting for me when I woke this morning..

I’m Back——Just got to the store a few minutes ago, and am in the process of unloading the Torque.
Boy am I tired. It was a fast trip to Denver, which is about a 10 hour drive from Lubbock. Pulling a 16” enclosed trailer in the mountains is grand. Look for a blog a little later today.

I really hope to make you all jealous.


For those of you who want to see the Torque in its new home , have a quick look here.

I checked Stu’s Shed this morning as I do each and every morning and found this message from Kent to Stu….

Stu, I enjoyed getting to spend a little time with you in Denver. I only wish we could have had more time. There was so much going on at the taping of Cool Tools. They had you tied up most of the time. You did a great job demonstrating the Torque Work Centre. I look forward to even more of your input on the machine in the days to come. Again, the whole thing was very interesting, as well as a lot of fun.

Thanks Kent.

Well what more can I say today…

And “Print”

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