What is the Men’s Shed

There is a growing movement here in Australia.. the Men’s Shed..
What is the Men’s Shed

The shed holds an important place in the Australian culture. It can be a reservoir of memories, experiences, and a place to share skills and to socialize.
We’ve all read reports which tell us that good health is based on many factors including self – esteem, feeling productive and valuable to society, having social relationships and be­ing active.
Many retired people have had to downsize their living arrangements, often resulting in the man’s personal space, usually a garden shed or workshop being lost.
So the idea of a community shed was born.

Here men could come and share a fantastic variety of tools, still pursue their interest in pastimes and hobbies, spend time with other blokes of similar interest, learn new skills or use tools for the first time – or keep old skills honed and productive. Here men could also feel viable and vigorous by contributing to community needs – and create projects of personal interest and expertise.

The  Men’s Shed has been set up to meet these needs and to provide a substitute space for ‘shedless blokes’.

Besides encouraging new social activities and friendships the Men’s Shed also provides access to other networks for men including local activities and men’s health information.

I see that this new wave of Men’s Sheds sweeping across the country.. setting up in all manner of small and not so small premises..

In Oz, there are now over 400 sheds, involving 30,000+ participants, although even that seems hard to determine – there seems to be a bit of a head-to-head between a couple of organisations looking to oversee and manage the various Men’s Sheds.

Many woodworking, woodcrafting and woodturning clubs abound …. but this new phenomena seems to be focusing on a variety of hobbies as well as woodworking.

There even seems to be a NZ Men’s Shed.

Not on the same scale as Australia…. there are new community- based woodworking clubs springing up in the US … similar to the one in Denver Colorado……Community Woodworking…where Cool Tools filmed the Torque Workcentre……

While I am blessed with my own piece of heaven in the shape of a fully eqipped shed… I understand the need of other men who are not so lucky.

Although I do not want to start a Men’s Shed myself…. I do open my workshop to those who wish to visit for a chat.

So for  those fortunate enough to live within driving distance… give me a bell and drop in for a coffee.

Topics of conversation are Beer, Timber, Wood, Woodworking, Tools, Cars…… no religion…. no politics….

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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4 Responses to What is the Men’s Shed

  1. patron says:


  2. Michael A. Ragan says:

    That sounds like a good idea. In the USA we call it a Man Cave. We men need our space whatever it’s called! The same folks that do Cool Tools (DIY) do a show called Man Caves. http://www.hulu.com/man-caves.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mike in Norway says:

    Yes, we need a place to call our own where we don’t have to politely listen to suggestions what to do or about how to do it better. A place where we can just be ourselves for better or worse. A place to think, dream, and be as creative as our talents take us.

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