Timber at the Right Price

How do you get timber at the right price.. and what do I mean by the right price ?   .. OK free or cheap…. If like most folks you can not buy in bulk… read  cubic metres… either because the Department of Finance will not release sufficient funds or you do not have sufficient room to store such a large amount of  timber…. what can you do…. buy a mill and cut your own timber… ok once again… you are up against the first two problems…

So  it is off to the Hardware Store… now the problem is that most hardward stores  do not have much selection of good timbers.. only two varieties are always readily available… Hard Beena and Soft Beena… [ been a tree that is…]

How about finding timber… [I find mine in the wood store attached to the Workshop… but I would then say .. most of you do not have free access to my wood store..] If you know someone who makes timber furniture… you may be able to rat through the rejects bin….[ a mate of mine has a big bin of scraps of Camphor laurel… He gives this away to anyone who wants it…I do the same with small pieces of various timber] Check around your local area.

You could also check garage sales and the dump for broken bits of furniture you can recycle  This is timber that you may find just about anywhere.

For that nice piece of Blackwood, or New Guinea Rosewood, or Queensland Maple, Purple Heart, Silver Ash,Red Cedar and Silky Oak… fork out a handful of readies to a Timber Merchant… he will have the most wonderful selection of fine timbers and veneers but he will also have large overheads and for this his charges will be high…but for the small amount you will need for that project… worth the price…

Now for those who are lucky enough to live near a Woodworkers Club or are a member of a club, that has access to milling equipment you may be able to buy at a reasonable price all the timber you will need to make a small project…

The larger Woodshows have a lot of different timber for sale.

Or visit the small woodworkers shows… this pic is from the Maryborough Woodcrafters Guild Show… just a small club in Queensland but lots of timber for sale very cheap…

So what do you do?

Leave a comment and let me know how you get your timber…!!

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to Timber at the Right Price

  1. Torch02 says:

    I troll Craigslist for cheap lumber. I’ve found both SYP and walnut for good prices. When that fails, I head to my local hardwood dealer, who has a wide selection AND good prices. I’m pretty sure I’m blessed in these regards.

  2. Scott Porosky says:

    Larry as you may know my family owns and operates a Hardwood sawmill in Northeastrn Pennsylvania so finding wood is not a problem…. for me. However, if I had to purchase wood, I assure you I would think differently of pursuing this hobby.
    Here is a helpful tip for your readers.
    At a sawmill the cheapest wood is usally the Low Grade or Pallet stock lumber. All though not clear top grade wood, usally some unique treasures will be stuffed away in the pack of Low Grade lumber like Ambrosia or wormy Maple, timber blistered with ingrown bark, or enough clear wood in a piece to get some good workable wood out of. Most owners (like myself) will be happy to let you go through a pack and put a little extra cash in thier pocket, and you’ll be off with some killer stock.

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