The Good Oil On Cutting Boards…

Having made a few cutting boards in my time, I am continually approached at wood shows and on-line about what oil I use for my boards…

There are a few that I would recommend… some that I have heard recommended but would never use..

A maker of cutting boards on Ebay touts vegetable oil… I personally would never apply vegetable oil of any kind to one of my boards..

Most vegetable oil will turn rancid.

Various butcher block oils are available but at a price…

When you see the blogs from the USA you will read about white mineral oil…. I searched the Chemists for this and was told …No we do not carry that… then after a little more searching and some investigation…

White Mineral Oil

I found that White Mineral Oil is Liquid Paraffin Oil…

This Liquid Paraffin Oil B.P.  [short for British Pharmaceutical] is a medical grade oil…. used as a laxative… so food safe… hey…

Do not confuse this oil with the paraffin oil available from the paint department of your local hardware. It is not as refined and is not as viscous..

This viscosity allows you to use less to cover the board..

To use spread oil onto the board with a piece of kitchen paper.

Once covered leave for a few minutes and then add some more until the board can not absorb any more oil…wipe excess off and buff with a soft cloth…

The board should be re-oiled whenever it seems dry..

This oil can be purchase at your local Pharmacy for around 6 bucks for 200 mls and if you would like to read some more about board care… you can go to Kitchen Beginnings “Love That Board” , David Sturm’s “Wooden Cutting Board Care and Cleaning Instructions” or the Crafty Culinarian’s “Refinishing My Board“.

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Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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4 Responses to The Good Oil On Cutting Boards…

  1. rob durfos says:

    I will sometimes gently heat the mineral oil and add a little beeswax to it forming a very thin paste . This provides a little more protection for the board along with longer maintenance intervals . Just a little goes a long ways !

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks for the email Larry, I was lucky enough for the human consumption to be past its expiry date at the chemist so he gave me 2 x 200 ml bottles for free once he found out what I was using it for!
    One down ………..

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  4. Brian Meeks says:


    Thanks for sending this link to me. I found it very helpful.


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