The First Australian Woodworkers.

Who were the first Australian woodworkers?

Was it the shipwrights that landed with the First Fleet in Botany Bay in 1788.

Maybe the convicts sent to the colonies for stealing a loaf of bread and sentenced to 7 years transportation.

Or could it have been the Europeans who start a new life in a new land.

No, if you thought that  you would be wrong..

It was the Aborigines, of course.

They have been living in Australia for a long time before the First Fleet ..

or even Captain Cook who took a butcher’s in 1770.

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin and Glenny Naden, who hail from Coffs Harbour on the north coast of New South Wales.

We all were attending the Melbourne Timber and Working with Wood show.

I was there with the Torque Workcentre, of course, and Kevin and Glenny were showcasing their Classic Koori Designs with a stand at the show.

Kevin and Glenny run Bidjiwong Arts in the wonderful town of Coffs Harbour..

I will travelling there next month for the start of the Torque Workcentre World Tour and hope to catch up with Kevin and the gang while I am there.

I might even be allowed to film his workshop and maybe how he makes a didgeridoo or boomerang..

The Brisbane Hands On Expo, earlier this year, gave me another chance to reacquaint myself with Kevin and his wonderful group..

They attend most of the wood shows and I would urge you to stop by for a chat and check out the wonderful handcrafted items they have for sale.


Traditional crafts, such as didgeridoo and boomerang making are still high on the priority of their Indigenous crafts.

You will be impressed with the detail, craftsmanship and quality of Bidjiwong Aboriginal Art products and

you will be inspired by the stories, cultural values and traditions of Australia’s Aboriginal people.

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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One Response to The First Australian Woodworkers.

  1. Troy says:

    Where would we be without tradition?! Wondererful post, very interesting. Really like learning all about WW in Australia. Keep it coming Larry.

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