The National Tradesman Expo…a video tour.

Well I did manage to get to the National Tradesman Expo in Brisbane..

I got a lift in with Luke and we took the new horizontal boring jig and a few boards.. just for a little  crowd puller.. and they did get a very good reception…and I got a few orders and a few offers.

There will be more pics and vids of the next NTX in Melbourne in June. I will be flying down to meet up with Stuart Lees of Stu’s Shed to set up a very different stand..Kinda like a feature.

While there will be a good TWC presence, other items and products will be shown, reviewed and available to be scrutinised.

More about these later but for now I have put together a short video tour of the NTX. As I learn to do this video thing I know that I will get better… and might even have some inteviews included in the clips.. You can only hope.. please sit back and enjoy this trip around the show.

This show was well set out and there was plenty of room to move..While it was predominately aimed at the Tradesman… there was a heap of stuff to tempt the serious DIYer.

I was looking seriously at the Air Sanders… and almost swapped a Lazy Larry for a  6 inch sander..If you are in Melbourne in June you will not be disappointed when you drop in to the Expo and say G’day to Stu and me. I might even be able to talk Stu into signing an autograph.

Here are a few pics taken on a still camera.

I had to include the pets..  Becky and Wendy-woo… are our pets.. and M0-Jo lives next door and here too.

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to The National Tradesman Expo…a video tour.

  1. patron says:

    If I wake up on that side of the bed that day,
    I’ll be sure to drop in!

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