Let the road trip begin.

Today is the start of the first road trip to promote the Torque Workcentres.. Aaron and Henry will be dropping in on their way down to Coffs Harbour.  Coffs Harbour will be their first port of call but they will be demonstrating the machine at several venues… check the show calender to the right..

They will be slipping in here at about zero dark thirty… old navy time… early in the morning before the sun gets up …to pick up some other items they need for the trip…

Zero Dark Thirty at my workshop.

As part of the many items needed to demo the machine, they will require the Nilfisk Vacuum that arrived at my workshop yesterday. Keep the sawdust out of the work area.

I designed and made a newer version of the horizontal boring jig for the machine and I needed some T-track and a Mitre guide and Mitre guage… and some clamps.

The main modifications to the jig included increasing the size and adding two T-tracks for clamping and a mitre guide track to enable the use of a Mitre Gauge..

Keeping with the theme of only buying the best.. Incra came to mind as the way to go for these items.

Incra Mitre Gauge V120, build it clamps and tracks..

A Quick phone call to Graeme at Professional Wood workers Supplies in Melbourne and all required items where popped in a box and sent by courier …they too arrived yesterday so I will be able to fit the tracks and the boys will have a very neat jig to show off  just one more of the features of the Torque Workcentre,… horizontal boring enables the machine to be used for mortising and tenoning… as well as sliding dovetails.. and lots more to boot…this was a last minute addition to the items required but with the help of a few good people it all came together..

Again more of this jig when I get it back in my workshop…even the jig gets to go galavanting around the country…

Better put the coffee on … the boys will be here soon.

Hi Ho Silver Away..


Let the fun begin……..

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Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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