Big Day Tomorrow..

All the times I ventured overseas in my youth I never did get a passport.. Travelling to New Zealand in those days you did not need one.

As all of my travelling to other foreign and exotic ports…

Singapore, Hong Kong, Manila, Bangkok, Yakosuka, Fukioka and Sasebo in Japan as well as several lesser know stopovers…

was by way of Royal Australia Navy Warship.. Did not need one then either…

After discharge… honorable of course… from the RAN the furtherest overseas I have travelled is Bribie Island and even then it was over a bridge from the mainland… There is talk of needing a passport to go there in future…they actually have their own drivers licenses… only for use on Bribie Island..

Now that Deb and I have a grandson living in the Land of the Long White Cloud… SWMBO wishes to visit… so tomorrow it is off to the interview to get passports..We already went and had the mug shots taken.. no smiling … don’t look so happy and move the hair behind your ears… no I am not posting the pics…

There is an ulterior motive… when Deb visited NZ years ago she did not actually get to see snow… so while we are there …seeing snow is on the agenda… lets hope there is some there …and not too far to travel..

I have visitied the North Island but this time we are travelling to Christchurch in the South Island.. Hope to meet up with Moshe… LJer who lives there. Only going to be there for a week or so but should be enough to recharge the batteries ….

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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One Response to Big Day Tomorrow..

  1. Michael Ragan says:

    Larry what does SWMBO stand for?

    This Summer we are going to Alaska, with a stop over in Vancouver, BC We have to have a passport for that now too. Of course the truth is Canada will let us in, the US will not let us back in.

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