Nothing new..

Well nothing new here … busy making sawdust … but nothing to show for it… just a lot of sawdust… that’s how it is some days… work hard make lots of sawdust …then all of a sudden something happens and there it is… I have about 15 items on the go at the moment and not one of them finished..I should post the progress but I have got over that… I will post all of them when they are finished and then and only then will I post pics of the how to…

As to the Title… there is nothing new.. just things that most people have not thought of or have forgotten..So when I have something new I will remember to show you.

Well I did have some thing new and exciting happen to me today but I am not going to divulge just what at this point in time..I promised that I would keep MUM about it for a little longer … I was rather delighted that I was asked to participate..I am not even sure that this will ever be made public.. I know that it should be but that is up to someone else.. we will just have to wait…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to Nothing new..

  1. patron says:

    come on larry ,

    you know that

    WE can keep a secret !

  2. Lisa Currier says:

    I definitely can’t keep a secret,
    But I am great at nagging….
    C’mon Larry…C’mon, Please ?
    How ’bout a hint,
    just a little hint,
    what can it hurt ?
    You know you want to share,
    I can tell you’re bursting at the seams…….
    to be continued….


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