Getting ready for the weekend..


I will be getting ready for the big weekend… firstly the Ute show and then Maleny…

If it is as good as last year.. then…  whoo hoo…

It takes a lot of behind the scenes effort to be ready for such a big event…

and to make it look seemless and effortless is more of a challenge..

Just rock up and do it… no problems..I don’t THINK so…

I am so excited..

If I could I would move to Maleny and open a gallery but at this stage the cost of such a venture is prohibitive… to say the least … but I can dream..


Polish the Ute… re-oil all my boards .. polish the Lazy Larrys…. and the jewellry boxes… make sure all are in prime condition… some will be for sale and some only for display… I may take a small amount of timber for sale and then I might just have to buy some as well… there will be fantastic bargains to be had and some of the timber will be excellent value..

If I had the money and the space.. I would invest in all the timber available… like real estate.. the price of timber will only go up…. and when you think a tree is worth only a few hundred dollars until you mill it and the value goes up quite a bit… but if you use that timber and make it into furniture… well that a lot of money…

pack the esky with drinks and food… do I have enough inventory … too much?

Get the Torque all ready too…go through my list of demos that I think will be fun to do…. and showcase the Torque and how versatile it is….

Surface a few slabs ..always a crowd pleaser.. I certainly was last year.. heck I bought a machine…just to be able to surface a few slabs… read several hundred small slabs of Walnut…

Use the overhead pinrouting feature to make a few Do-hickeys and a few paddles..

Set up the horizontal boring jig and show how easy loose tenon joinery can be..

Make sure all the  bits and pieces are ready too.. the batteries for the drill are charged …. the bevel box is packed … the pins are there…all the things that make up a good show… they need to be there to make sure that all the demos run smoothly…

And don’t forget the cameras… still and video… make sure that all the batteries are charged..ready for a great time…

Have I forgotten anything????

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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4 Responses to Getting ready for the weekend..

  1. donjoe says:

    Sounds like you are in for a grand time. I truly hope you have a great show.


  2. Troy says:

    Don’t forget the beer. Good luck, sounds like a fun weekend.

  3. Lisa Currier says:

    Make sure you bring your wallet,
    not for spending- for storing all your loot !!
    Have a great time, and can’t wait for pic, videos and stories ; )


  4. Ralph Barhorst (Ampeater on LJ) says:

    I like to read your blogs and see your projects on Lumber Jocks. I didn’t know what a UTE was while reading this thread. I looked it up and found that I have one. Mine is a bright yellow Chevrolet SSR. I use it to haul lumber among other things. It is a lot of fun.

    Enjoy your weekend and show a picture of your UTE.

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