Why “Lazy Larry”?

Well I have told this story often but I still get the odd one or two folks who still ask…
“Why call yourself Lazy Larry..??? We can see your are not actually LAZY…”

Kind of a long story but a few years ago I was asked if I could make a Lazy Susan.. I knew that I could but was not really sure if I wanted to … bit of a pain to set up jigs to cut and sand circles.. then it was the matter of the bearing itself.. I had seen them fitted but I had never done anything like this before.. so I said Nah.. give it a miss…

Next morning… after rising early.. I was watching a rerun of This Old House with “Nahm…”

Norm Abrams for those who do not know…. and if you do not know …what are you reading this for… has been the inspiration to literally hundreds of thousand of fans and budding woodworkers… I know I am one…

So to continue with this sage… Norm was showing how to build a jig to sand circles… This was just what I needed.. It was a sign from the woodworking Gods… I was to make a Lazy Susan… I went back to my friend Trish.. and told her ok … I will make you one of those Lazy Susan thingies..

That is not the end of the story however…

There were others around when I told her that I would make her one.. and they all wanted to see it when it was finished.. They did and they also ordered one.. Trish ended up getting a few… one for her mum and dad and one for her inlaws too.

From that humble beginning I ended up making quite a few..I do mean quite a few…and somewhere along the line a friend started telling me I should call them “Lazy Larrys”  and that my friends is why I called the business Lazy Larry Woodworks.. I have made more LL’s than anything else….And no two have every been the same… I still make them and they are still fun to do….


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BTW, I have several friends named Susan.. they think it is great that I call them ………. Lazy Larrys….

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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