Slab and Burl.

Slab ‘n’ Burl Hardwoods have come all the way across the country from the centre of south western Western be part of the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show…. bringing with them some of the most fantastic Slabs and Burls I have ever seen…

Clint and Nikki Decke specialize in local timbers from around the family farm…

All of their timbers and burls have been sourced locally from surrounding private properties and forests manages by The Department of Conservation And Land Management (CALM*) between 1992 and 2004. This has allowed them to acquire rare, high grade feature timber which has been stripped, stacked and air-dried in their shed.

“In the beginning (1992) our weekdays were spent running the farm, raising beef cattle and doing horticultural farming and our weekends were busy collecting wind fallen old growth trees. We would cut the logs to length and then into slabs and put the timbers away to air dry naturally. Today we still work the farm but our timbers are quickly becoming our primary focus.”

Nikki Decke

They have a wide variety of slabs and burls in stock, primarily Marri, Karri, Jarrah,  and Black Butt.

Marri Slab..

Karri Burl.

Jarrah Slabs.

Blackbutt Slab.

The time has now come to open the shed doors and make all of this unique hardwood available to the craftsmen around the world. All of the slabs and burls are available as “raw” timber or “surfaced”, ready for you to make that special piece of West Australian hardwood furniture.

For more infomation on the Trees themselves check out…

Forests of the Southwest.

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