Winning is not everything…

Remember the thrill of discovering that people wanted to pay you to make things in wood … the first sale… how gratifying that was..

Last year my good friend and compatriot, Col, entered a few boards in the local Caboolture Show… and won first, second and third prizes

This past week, while working in the shop, I realised that the  Caboolture Show was looming… How good would it feel if I won a prize?

Hey, that would be  a great buzz..

Enter a few of the things I had still  hanging around…and maybe win a prize…

Several pieces were dropped off last Wednesday to the show society office, and then the waiting began… to see what happened..

The judging was conducted on the Thursday, and Friday afternoon,  Adrian, from next door came over to the workshop and told me he had been to the show with his school and that I would be surprised by the results… I asked not to be told… and yes, when I went later on Friday… I was Stunned…

Three Firsts, two Seconds, one Third and a Highly Commended…

Of particular interest was the fact that my Woven Platter in pic #2 was made using a router in the TWC and was up against platters and bowls turned on a lathe…as you can see it won First Place.. go figure…

The woven trivet in the last pic was not entered but I just had to include it in with the prize winners… Oh and the honourable mention was for the Dohickey aka boot jack… in the Novelty category..

My Stigray bandsaw box was up against Col’s jewellery boxes… he won first and second…and his Aussie Dunny candle box was first in the novelty section…

So we both came out winners…

There is a slideshow here

Now winning may not be everything, but it is such a nice feeling…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to Winning is not everything…

  1. Dannad says:


  2. Ralph Barhorst (Ampeater on LJ) says:

    Congratulations!! You deserve every one of those ribbons.

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