Junior Recruit Training Establishment…

It is gone now but for over 13,000 young men [ 14 to 16 year olds]  it was home for their first 12 months in the Royal Australian Navy… I was fortunate to be one of them…

Many are still serving and others have taken what they learnt there into their lives outside the military…


HMAS Leeuwin….JRTE ….1960 – 2010

Royal Australian Navy badge

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Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to Junior Recruit Training Establishment…

  1. Danny says:

    G’day Larry,
    You look about my vintage mate, just wondering what intake and years you were at Leeuwin. I was in Ramsay 55th Division from 20 April 1976 until the 7th April 1977 before flying out to HMAS Albatross at Nowra. I’d say by your business endeavours that you were an MTH (Chippy) perhaps? I was wondering if you have any pictures of the base itself (LEEUWIN) as my now grown up daughters have often asked me about it. I unfortunately wasn’t much of a shutterbug and now to my regret I don’t have much to show of those years… Freo… Flappers… Stella Maris Club… Hay St… Punching on occassionally with local rocks and skins… MUPS!… Scran… Big urns of sickly sweet Black Tea… Kit Musters!!!… Sticky Buns, Mackas, Goffa’s and Dirty Ditz and endless Divisional Parades!!! If you would like to have an E Mail chat… butman.60@bigpond.com

    Thanks for your time in reading this message,

  2. Stan shing says:

    Hi larry hows it going

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