Here is the Distraction…or two…

As you may have read I am making an Apothecary cabinet… and as usual… I am easily sidetracked… I came across a design that I thought interesting… well you know how it is…

So I thought in-between cutting the grooves in the bottoms of the drawers I might as well give this a go…

Here is my version of an impossible 3D figure… or two..

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The three timbers used are Tasmanian Blackwood, New Guinea Rosewood, Camphor Laurel..

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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3 Responses to Here is the Distraction…or two…

  1. Dannad says:

    you are just too clever

  2. aaron says:

    That looks awesome Larry, took me a couple of seconds to get my head around it though. Very impressive.

  3. donjoe says:

    Amazing designs Larry. Not only are the designs so unique but also the speed in which you crank them out.

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