Update and pics….

Here is what I got up to yesterday… first off here are the original doors from the catamaran.

4 larger doors

6 medium doors.

12 small doors.

Yes I can add too.. was not 16 but a total of 22 doors that had to be replicated… well not the louvre centre…

After an hour or so of design session,  the clients decided on frame and raised panel construction and to fit the cabinets in with the other timber trim in the cabin…. I will be staining the NGR with an English Mahogany stain… should come up a treat…

So yesterday was … milling, dressing, ripping and cross cutting all the components for the frames…

Rough saw 4/4 stock.

Components for the 12 small doors.

Medium door frame components in the foreground.

Larger door rails and styles...

Now that it is today already… off to the workshop and power up the router… cope and stick frame cutting… then some 40 mm thick NGR will be resawn and bookmatched for the fielded panels…

That should keep me busy for a while… I also need to glue up the drawers for the Apothecary cabinet… maybe after lunch… lol

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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One Response to Update and pics….

  1. Dannad says:

    Hey 2 bird, looks like a fun commission, what you going to do with the old doors?

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