Rogues Gallery

As promised in an earlier blog.. I intend to take you behind the scenes at a Wood Show.. and a major part of any wood show are the characters who make it informative, educational and entertaining…the people who bring in the crowds… the people you want to come and see…

The Demonstrators..

These folk come along and do various demonstrations from traditional woodworking, woodturning, box making, dovetails and showing the basics to beginners as well as tips and tricks for the more advanced…

Stan Ceglinski

Here I am with Stan Ceglinski…

“Stan Ceglinski is the image of the timber getters of old, the early pioneers. A big old fashioned style of a man, he represents, the romantic outback of Banjo Patterson, the battler outback of Henry Lawson. He is rough and unpolished (may he never be polished). Stan Ceglinski is the real thing…”

Roger Gifkin

Everyone who has ever attended a woodshow in Australia ….or attempted to cut a dovetail….knows of Roger Gifkin… I managed to meet up with him for a quick chat between demonstrations of his world famous Gifkin Dovetal Jig.

I urge you to visit his site and watch the demonstration video, which shows Roger cutting 4 joints for a box.

Guillio Marcolongo.. Lazy Larry... Neil Scobie.

Two more of the amazing demonstrators at the show..

Guilio Marcolongo has become one of Australia’s best known woodturners, and is a very popular choice as a demonstrator at symposiums, woodworking shows and woodturning events in Australia, New Zealand, the USA etc.

Neil Scobie is a master woodworker and teacher.. he also enjoys demonstrating his skills for woodworking clubs and special wood conferences and feels that special skills need to be passed on so these will not be lost to future generations.

Liz Scobie, Lazy Larry, Neil Scobie..

Liz Scobie and her husband Neil own Bucca Creek Wood & Textiles on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia.  Liz although predominantly a textile artist, spends much of her time painting and decorating Neil’s wood turning.

Tim Skilton, Theo Haralampou, Guillio Marcolongo.

Theo Haralampou is a tremendously talented wood turner who has brought an entertaining and informative style to the woodturning stage..

Rex Bower, a former President of the Woodturning Society of Queensland gave this critique following one of Theo’s demonstrations. “Well prepared, fully equipped, light hearted, informative, fast and fascinating”.

Tim Skilton produces turned forms in Australian timber; boxes, platters, bowls and hollow forms. He likes to work with burrs and roots, imposing classical form into the twisted and uneven material.

Patt Gregory with Lazy Larry...

Although we have only know each other a short time and Patt Gregory is as new to the exhibitor side of shows as I am… we have hit it off famously… her down to earth approach of one piece of timber, one cut, one joint or one nail at a time …. brings woodworking to all .. while predominately aimed at getting women comfortable with working with wood, her classes for beginners are open to blokes as well…

Not only a fantastic teacher, she had recently written a book… I know that I have mentioned it before but I feel it deserves another plug…

“Woodworking for Women.. cutting a new path for beginners.”

Stan Ceglinski wrote this about Patt’s book..

“Patt Gregory is a passionate and power packed woman with the rare ability to share her hard-earned skills in a simple and satisfying yet dynamic way.This is the book the industry has been waiting for…”

Ray with the Bench Pro 2000

Denny with the Professional Nibbler.

While not entirely woodworking related, Denny and Ray are both wonderful characters who have been part of the show for many years and have brought professionalism and unique ways of demonstrating their products to the shows.. I for one enjoy seeing them at these shows and I am sure others do as well..

Denny markets the Professional Nibbler… a unique tool for cutting all manner of metals..

Ray has the Bench Pro 2000 considered by many to be the worlds most versatile vise and clamping hardware on the market today.

I appologise to anyone who was not part of this post… time and space is limited… If you would like to be featured please contact me and I will make a point of coming over and having a chat at the next show we both attend…\

Also if I have spelt your name wrong or the info is incorrect please let me know…

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Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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