From one foot to four feet…

Have you ever wished that 12 inch sliding saw could crosscut more than just the 300 mm at 90 Degrees [one foot]… how would it be if it could be adapted to crosscut up to 1300 mm [over four feet]…


Well that is just what the boys at Torque Workcentres have done… by taking the head unit from a Hitatchi C12RSH 12 inch sliding compound mitre saw and making a bracket to attach it to a bearing carriage they have virtually made the saw capable of cutting down the entire length of the arm.. IE up to four feet…

There were a few changes made to the original arm and bearing carriage to handle the additional weight of the Saw…  the arm was beefed up from 65 mm square to 75 mm square and the carriage adapted to  suit.

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The beauty of using this particular arrangement and the Hitachi Saw.. you can change it back to a compound mitre sliding saw by undoing two grub screws, removing it from the bearing carriage and fitting it to the original stand in seconds..

If you require any further information please contact me…

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One Response to From one foot to four feet…

  1. Bill says:

    Amazing, you could set up a workshop with just the TWC instead of a table saw, drop saw , router bench, if only I had enough room or the funds to make the swap!
    This really is one smart piece of kit!

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