What Cutter?

In answer to a question from fellow LumberJock Sharon aka PurpLev.

I took some close up pics of the “Carb-i-tool” 55 mm 3 flute surfacing cutter… this bit has 3 rotatable replaceable carbide tips…. as they dull or are damaged you loosen of the holding screw with the tool supplied and rotate 90 degrees  to a new face… when all 4 are used… just replace for a few dollars each.This is a fairly powerful router bit and it is advised only to use it in some form of jig… such as the Torque Workcentre or maybe on a router sled…You probably see that this has been used… in fact it is the original bit I bought with the machine… just about ready to replace the tips.. after over 12 month… 

It has a 1/2 shaft and due to the diameter of the cutter, ideally, should be used with a variable speed router… that said I had no problems with my Makita 3612 single speed … I have just up graded to the new variable speed Makita and if the client requires a router with the TWC I recommend and supply the new Makita Variable Speed…[made in Japan] I get a good price from my local Power Tool shop… Trademan’s Toolbox in Morayfield and pass this on at my cost price.

Although any GOOD quality router… at least 2 HP or more if possible…..would be suitable. These bits are available from Carb-i-tool in Melbourne, Australia and Torque supplies the cutters as an option *with* the TWC at a discount.

If you follow the link and watch the last video on the TWC page there is a close up at around the 1 minute mark.

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