I was missed!

I received an E-mail from Patt Gregory this afternoon…

Hey Larry,

Missed your bright, cheerful  presence at the Melbourne Show. That was nice of you to send your ‘sidekick/friend’ by to say hello.

It was a good show, but absolutely freezing because of a cold snap. My teeth were chattering.

Have attached some pix. The red head, Victoria, is my best friend and she lives in melb. she helped me sell books.

Hope its all going well for you.

All the Best


Woodwork for Women

I thought I might post the pics for you all to see.

One of the things Patt teaches at her School of Woodworking for Women…how to take a Pallet and turn it into a Coffee Table… really cool.. in my humble opinion..

From this pic … it was not only women who wanted to see what Patt was up to…

Here is a shot of Patt and her Best Friend… Victoria… I am disappointed that I did not get to go to Melbourne… if only to meet up with Victoria… from all reports a great person and a lot of fun..

FWIW… I bought a copy of Patt’s Book and I can heartily recommend it … not just for women but for anyone who is interested in taking up the hobby of woodworking..

PS apparently Patt was not the only one who missed me… several exhibitors came over to the Torque Stand and asked where I was… Nice to be missed…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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