I just go my new toy yesterday… the Woodpecker Unilift router lift… from Graeme down at Professional Woodwork Supplies in Melbourne… Posted Friday… delivered Tuesday… good service from Australia Post…

Included in the package were some Whiteside routerbits that Graeme recommended I use with the LS 17 Positioner Fence System  I got last week at Carb-a-tec…

This will all go into and onto the Pro Router Table… also from PWS.

So once I have finished assembling and tuning the whole router table setup… hold on to your hats… some fancy dovetails are a coming.

My old router table… that I built years ago … with its saggy plastic plate and not too accurate fence will hopefully find a new home with someone less fortunate that will be thrilled to upgrade to any router table… I know a few years ago I would have been so excited to have someone give me a router table… oh well…

Now all I need to make this the ultimate is the hi rise Super Fence System… a Wixey digital height readout and definitely a Safety switch…

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4 Responses to Unilift.

  1. Some pretty high end kit there. I bet it cost a bit, but will offer your precision and use of use for many years to come. I might get around to having a router table one day… need to buy a router first.

  2. Bill says:

    Excellent choice, Graeme really is a gentleman and extremly helpfull, sold me my incra package from his hospital bed, now that is dedicated service. Always a pleasure to deal with!

  3. Stuart says:

    Hi Larry,
    Thought you had one of these already from the Alt Wood Show (the Incra LS that is!)
    I guess you have the imperial version then (don’t think Carbatec has the metric one, unless things have changed recently). I had that for years, before upgrading it recently with the metric upgrade kit from PWS.

    Have a serious look at the Wonderfence when you recover from recent purchases!

    Enjoy the lack of sag!

    • Stuart says:

      Heh – just read further back through the blog, and saw you got the metric conversion at the same time – guess things have changed at Carbatec after all! Good pickup at that price!

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