A small start to a better workshop.

Thursday, Ken and I went down to Carb-a-tec and got a few items… a few items that included a new cabinet saw… won’t be ready for pickup until early next week… and a Super Dust Deputy from Oneida and a full kit for the ducting..

As you can see I also sprung for the pleated cartridge filter for the 2 hp dust extractor that will be powering the whole system..

First off… moved all the equipment from one side of the workshop… removes all the things hanging on the wall and cleaned the wall.. for a smooth, uncluttered look…

Set the machines in place to work out how the ducting will be installed… with drop downs to each machine.

By moving some things around and discarding others all together, I will have the space I crave… and be able to move around all the equipment safely… this will be more important as I take on students.

I think that the major pieces will be in the middle of the workshop… the cabinet saw and the thicknesser both run on a 15 amp circuit so I will have the drop down power lead and the ducting run from the centre of the roof truss.

With all the bits I wanted on one wall I proceeded to do the same for the other wall…. remove and clean and reposition the 3 metre TWC bench with my Hitachi SCMS… Drill press and music for the shop.

Got to have some tunes in the shop….

As well as doing some re-arranging inside I did a bit of a clean up around the outside of the building….

Next job is to find homes for all the paraphernalia I took down from the walls… I want to keep them clear and uncluttered… for as LONG as I can..

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to A small start to a better workshop.

  1. Michael Wurm says:

    Nice shop Larry, love all the tools and the new DC. I too have a DC I got from HF for $139.00. Don’t have it set up yet waiting for summer. Don’t know how it will work yet either, but I did get a 1 hp from a few years ago and have had really had good luck with it. However, it just wouldn’t work on more than 1 machine at a time. Let me know how your system works, I may get a Dust Deputy myself, I made a homemade one from for my one horse and it made it suck like hell. So I made another for my 5 hp shop vac, and that works great now. Never have to clean the filter. Hope your vacation with Malakai was a great time. Glad you were safe in the aftershocks. Best Regards, mike

  2. Bill Aplin says:

    Hey Larry,
    shed is looking good. Will be interested to see how that Super Dust Deputy goes, is that a 44 it is sitting on?
    Ah if only my shed would increase in size or rearrange itself so I could fit one.

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