An Interview by Roger….

For those who missed this on Lumberjocks…. I am re-posting an interview done a while back by Roger… a fellow LJ….although it is not quite as I remember it … the interview is wholly fictional… and in no way reflects the opinion of the webmaster…

As promised, part 1 of my telephone interview with Degoose. Eat your heart out Ms. Debbie – I got the scoop.

My interview with Degoose:

Roger: I stayed up into the night waiting for daylight to break in Aussie land so you were awake.

Degoose: Well that’s mighty charitable of yer sport, appreciated.

Roger: What brought you into your woodworking journey?

Degoose: Well I was having a beer or two with Dame Edner Etheridge and she asked me what my bloody tatty old shed was used for. I told her it was a leftover from the prevous owner who used it for playing his digeredoo in but now it was used as a recepticle for old empty Foster’s cans and bottles. She suggested that I might sell the crushed cans and glass bottles for recyling, make myself some money and buy some tools to start a hobby. I though about it and decided I’d give woodworking a try.

Roger: Great. So what inspired you in making your projects?

Degoose: Well mate, The world has a critical shortage of cutting boards, so I figured if I could produce enough of the little buggers to fill the void, then I’d be a rich man and move to a higher end brew.

Roger: And how did your plan work for you?

Degoose: Strewth, couldn’t seem to make enough of them, added some designs for visual impact and before you knew it I was rolling them out like a sausage factory, even the bloody Yanks and Pommy’s were impressed.

Roger: I see that you are now an avid traveller and visit many woodworking related trade fairs, both at home and aboard.

Degoose: True right mate, now that I have a couple of Abos churning out the boards in the shop, I’m free to travel and purchase lots of goodies from unsuspecting woodworkers at shows and sell them as my own work – that’s how I came by the nickname “Lazy Larry”

Roger: Ah, I wondered how that name stuck to you. Has there been any other changes in your life?

Degoose: Well yes, fame has brought fortune to me. Now I get beer delivered by the truck load, I’m helping with a tool invention, and now I’m learning how to make movies.

Roger: Wonderful, so what are your plans for the future?

Degoose: My goal is to make darned sure that everyone in the world has a cutting board with the Lazy Larry logo on it, and after my induction into the Australian Cinematography National Elite or ACNE I’m gonna make a movie about the Great Cutting Board Famine of the late 60’s starring Dame Edna and Russell Crowe.

Roger: I’m sure the world will look forward to that.

Please take this as it was intended .. a little tongue in cheek… a little fun and maybe a little non-PC…. hope you enjoyed it and found it informative and maybe even answered a few questions that you may have wanted to ask but were afraid to…LOL…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to An Interview by Roger….

  1. (laughing) Good interview Larry. I have a new vision of your personality now! Love your boards, and as generous as you’ve been in sharing your designs, I’m sure the world Will be covered in Lazy Larry designs eventually. 🙂

  2. Michael Wurm says:

    Hilarious Larry, a lot of fun and funny as heck. I like the idea of buying other peoples stuff and selling it as your own. I always wondered how you could be so prolific. Well done. mike

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