The true Kiwi way…

This is dedicated to all the Kiwis I know… from my mate Stu to my near son-in-law Paul to my soon to be born Grandson…all Kiwis and proud of it…

If I weren’t an Aussie… then I would be happy to be a Kiwi…

Edit… just received this…

We will be releasing a CD later in the year.   So keep your eyes out. Or you can send an email to and arrange one via there. Regards Uncle “D”

For those who would like a copy…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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5 Responses to The true Kiwi way…

  1. Bill Aplin says:

    The best sporting oponents and the truest of mates in a blue. A lovely people.
    Remember the ANZACs!

  2. amaykin says:

    Your grandson will be a Kwozzie… a kiwi ozzie.. Lovely that you mentioned him and Paul Dad, Im very touched.

  3. Stuart says:

    I’m proud to be both – I’m Australasian 🙂

  4. Claire says:

    Just love it, how do we buy a copy????

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