Proto-type Sushi Board.

Here is the first prototype Sushi Board..

Now that I have all the kinks ironed out.. I will be adding this to the range.. with slight variations so that only sets are the same…

The main timber is Queensland Maple with a stripe of Purple Heart… handles are New Guinea Rosewood… joined to the main board with four brass pins..

Main board is 325 mm [13 inches] long and 200 mm [8 inches] wide.. over all length is 400 mm [16 inches].  The board is 20 mm [3/4 inch] and over all height is 40 mm [1 5/8 inch]The curves are matched on the main board and the handle and underneath the handle as well… this allows access for lifting the tray…

The underneath of the legs have white rubber bumper feet and the unit comes with a divided tray…

The tray will be inlaid partially into the main board…[not yet done] if required.



About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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3 Responses to Proto-type Sushi Board.

  1. Bill says:

    These are sure to sell like hot cakes!

  2. Michael Wurm says:

    Beautiful and elegant looking board. Very cool, but I dont eat raw fish.

  3. yaakov says:

    LOVE IT! What a great design!


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