Two handles, two curves.

You will have seen on the sushi boards, that I have cut two curves on the handles.. If I were just making one board, the cuts could be made freehand on the bandsaw…but…

Since this is now part of the range… I need to be able to produce these cuts on a regular and repeatable basis… so once more a jig is needed..

To start, glue the mainboard to the handle/ends… this need not be a great bond… it is to temporarily hold the pieces together while they are cut…

Move to the bandsaw and make the first of a series of cuts..

The handle is cut… on the curve cutting jig,

The blank is then moved along the jig and the cut is repeated to remove the waste of the handle.

Using a small amount of glue the cut handle is glued onto a scrap… for easier handling on the curve cutting jig.You may see the holes for the brass rods have already been drilled..

A fence was set up and positioning marks made on the fence.

Now we repeat the cuts for the second curve on the handles.

You will notice that there were two sets of holes drilled in this piece… a small mistake that will be easily fixed with a little sanding…

Here be the four blanks for the set of four..

Queensland Maple with one thin stripe of Purple Heart…

More to come!

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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