Torque Workcentre… prototype chainsaw attachment…

I have just been sent the new video of the new prototype chainsaw mill attachment for the Torque Workcentre..

This attachment differs in that it is mounted under the table to the undercarriage…. thereby negating the lifting of the log onto the table…

Please be aware that this is only a prototype and as such there will be more developments and refinements as issues are resolved..

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7 Responses to Torque Workcentre… prototype chainsaw attachment…

  1. Hvroberts says:

    The chainsaw is all well and good for the most part, but I think a Bandsaw would be better. Faster and a much smoother surface

  2. JMarking says:

    If only my chainsaw would cut that well.

  3. Michael Wurm says:

    A sweet addition to the Torque Work Center. Hope ya get all the kinks worked out. It looks way cool.

  4. Dodge says:

    Can I suggest two things?
    1. Change the cutter bar to one from a Waratah mechanical harvester (they do fit). They are wider & stiffer than the Oregon bar or even the stock Husky bar.
    2. Don’t cut the rakers down so much to cause “chatter”. Pushing too hard against the grain with the rakers cut down will cause the bar the chatter and also the chain is not travelling fast enough to keep up with the pressure of being pushed which makes the bar chatter against the grain.

    You may
    have sorted this out by now anyways.
    Cheers, Dodge.

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