A Jolly Roger board is born…

In the following post, you will be able to witness the birth of a Blue Gum Jolly Roger Board…

I picked up this rough bit of  Blue Gum from a mate… It needed to be dressed and thicknessed and would not fit through the 15 in model I have…

So out came the TWC…

It was to be 25 mm [1 inch] thick but I think something like this should be a little thicker.. 37 mm [1 1/2 inch]

Ripped it on the table saw… actually it was a cross cut… but ripped it against the fence and then cut the end using an Incra Mitre Express… I cut that at 5 degrees just for a slight difference… the other end was cut with a curve using a jig on the bandsaw…

Here you can see the angle cut and the curve end… and of course the bl**dy fantastic grain… I wet it with a little mineral spirit…

This is as far as I have got… oh I did round over the edges with a router… still need to work out where the Skull and CrossBones go…


Or this??  … the bottle cap is where a hole will be drilled…

What do you think… I will be asking Roger what he thinks… let me know..!!

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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5 Responses to A Jolly Roger board is born…

  1. Rand Lowery says:

    Does this mean you are moving to the Indian Ocean to compete with the Somali pirates? lol
    Fantastic grain in that hunk of gum.

  2. Michael Wurm says:

    Larry that wood is gorgeous, the color and grain is just beautiful. What color you going to paint it? LOL ! I like the skull and bones on the curved end. Just fantastic looking. mike

  3. Bill says:

    Love the grain on that board, I too like the caps on the curved end!

  4. Hank Jones says:

    That wood is gorgeous! The caps on the curved end gets my vote. I see you used and Incra Mitre Express. What is your overall opinion of Incra tools?

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