Tribute to Becky…

There is a hole in my heart… it has taken the last few days for me to be able to speak of Becky without tearing up…

Although I called her “Rat” she was part of me and this family and will be sorely missed..

Her breathing was laboured late  on Tuesday afternoon and we suspected a paralysis tick… and though we searched we could not find one… The next morning after a seemingly ok night she was worse… but by the time Deb got her to the vet she required oxygen to assist her breathing…

The Vet advised that her chances were very slim indeed… she would need an anaethetic, anti tick serum and even then there were no guarantees… It would be kinder to have her just go to sleep…

This is possibly the hardest decision I have ever had to make…

No more will she come up to the shed to tell me we have visitors, sit under the computer while I blog or jump around so excitedly when I come home…

A while back I found this piece of Maple…
I could not beleive the similarity…

Becky spent a lot of her time in the back corner of our property watching the kids next door… so as a fitting final resting place it seemed to us that this is where she would have liked to be buried..

She now resides under a rose bush that Sam and Jake very thoughtfully bought… it is watered daily and when I feel the need, I visit and talk to the little dog that brought so much happiness …

Lastly, I wish to thank everyone for all their kind words and wishes.. they do mean a lot …

I would like to thank all the visitors to my workshop who took time to greet Becky and give her a pat or play with her…

Speaking of the workshop… yes I am back in the workshop with a strong resolve to live life to the full.. so stay tuned to see what is happing there…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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12 Responses to Tribute to Becky…

  1. bitzablogger says:

    Oh Larry, I am in tears. I can tell how much you loved Becky. Dan, Monty and I send lots and lots of hugs for you all. xxx

  2. Lew says:

    Mimi and my prayers go out to you and your family. Our pets are our fur-children. The pain of their passing cannot be put into words and the loneliness when they are gone is unbearable. Be strong, my friend.

  3. Melissa says:

    So sorry Uncle Larry, hope you feel better soon ❤ xx

  4. Russel Trojan says:

    It’s a hard thing to lose a loved one. You have my sympathies sir. It’s obvious that Becky was a good friend.

  5. sending you a hug from your grandsons. Very sad about Becky. OR Piggy as Malakai called her. Lovely tribute blog, very touching. Lots of Love xoxo

  6. Rick Kruse says:

    I feel your pain brother. we are taking our cat Cotton to the vet tomorrow and will lay her to rest at my Dad’s with all the dogs. I made her coffin.

  7. Ah, Larry, what a fine pal you had. So sorry you’re hurting for her loss. I hope you can keep busy and look forward to another one maybe adopting You.

  8. Sam says:

    Chin up dad!! Becky was the happiest dog anyone would of met and would want us all to be as happy as she was and I bet she loves your chats!! Will come visit her tomorrow xxx

  9. mike wurm says:

    So sorry Larry you lost a part of you. I know how hard it is to lose a best friend, people or pets, so I say with an earnest heart, she’ll always be with you and may God Bless you both.

  10. Peter Hickman says:

    Sorry to hear mate.

  11. yaakov says:

    I’m really sorry to hear about this. You must have been very hard indeed. I had to do the same thing a couple of years ago.

    deepest regrets,


  12. Dave Whittington says:

    Hi from Johannesburg South Africa.
    I know that it is late but I have only now found your blogs, very interesting readying.
    Sorry to hear about Becky. Reading this brings a tear. I remeber when Antoinette had to put our Jes down She was a Golden Lab. Jes twitsed her knee and was it great pain, the vet could not opperate as she was too old. So we did the kindest thing for her. this was 2 years ago and it still hurts.
    The greatest problem is that they live 7 times faster than us. Glad to see that you have found another friend (in later blogs.) Keep on making saw dust.
    All thevery best.
    Dave Whittington

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