ShopDog AND LapDog

Well, this morning we jumped in the car and took off for Kingaroy… to see the pups…

Of course I picked the black and white one and Deb picked the brown one… then we changed our minds … and then made them up again…the outcome… obvious isn’t it..

We brought both home…

This is the livelier of the two.. Bella Rose…

She is actually tri-colour… and will likely be at home in the workshop.. a little more Fox Terrier coming out in her than Shi-tsu..

The little brown girl has softer hair and is more placid… loves to be cuddled and likes to creep up around your neck and go to sleep..

Her name is Brandi….and takes her looks from the Maltese side..

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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6 Responses to ShopDog AND LapDog

  1. rick says:

    Have fun with the new additions to your family


  2. Lew says:

    Two cuties!! I think you made a wise choice(s).


  3. Wonderful! LIfe will be happier now. Congratulations.

  4. mike wurm says:

    My wife can’t resist any pup, the last little cutie now weighs 90lbs. Black labs are cute when their little but not so much when they grow up. You guys have two real cute pups there, yours will make a good watch dog, in case another Brown Snake sneaks in. LOL.

  5. Yaakov says:

    I knew you would get both!

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