Never made a Guitar before.

Late last year, the boys at the local hardware sent a young bloke over to buy some timber so he could build a Guitar… Electric Bass that is…

It even has a name

CHERRY DEMON….cool hey

And so does he… Johnathan…

He had never built one but was going to give it a try…

Today we finally got together to build it… you got it… He and I are going to build our first electric bass guitar.. together….

Found a nice piece of Hoop Pine… only bit big enough… and light to boot…

Using his prototype for a template, marked out the blank and then went to the band saw to rough out the shape.

Smoothed the curves on the Disc sander and the Spindle sander…NOTE that is a pencil mark for the centre line not a glue line… it is one solid piece of Hoop Pine..Routered all edges top and bottom with a 1/2 inch round over bit and off to the ROS to smooth the blank all over…

I figured that Jonathan would be able to say he made it……. so I did a little and then he did the rest..

Back to Johnathan’s house and a little grain filler to smooth out some small defects…

This Guitar is going to be sprayed Cherry…so we need to make sure it is a smooth as a bowling ball…

As this is almost pro bono, I figure he can do most of the work…

Once each week for a few hours… next week it is the Neck… better watch some videos to see what I have to teach him next… learning curve for both of us… I may even learn to play the guitar when it is finished…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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8 Responses to Never made a Guitar before.

  1. johnathon says:

    AWESOME. Im so looking forward to finishing this and playing it for the first time. Thanx larry You Rule!

  2. Eric R says:

    Oh, I could just see you up on the stage now mate!
    All the daise’s would be going wild!
    “The Cherry Demon”. cool man, cool……

  3. david mitchell says:

    ‘lazy under band’
    ‘flat rock, flat out’
    ‘under XXXX’
    ‘broke blokes’
    ‘dingo dogs’

  4. Michael Wurm says:

    Very cool Larry. Branching off into a new venture, could be the beginning a new Lazy Larry Strato Caster! Is there anything you can’t do? How about a Grand piano. LOL. By the Bye, my new email address is…………, don’t know why yahoo locked me out of my old address, maybe it got hacked.

  5. Lew says:

    I had a band once. We called ourselves the “Dunny’s” cause weren’t worth a good sh*t ;^)


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