Two Up Anyone?

With ANZAC Day coming up in a few weeks, thoughts turn to Australia’s most notorious game, Two Up…ImageTo play Two up you need two pennies and a wooden Kip. The Kip is roughly 200 mm or 8 in long, 45 mm or 1 3/4 inch wide and about 13 mm or 1/2 in thick.

There are two round recesses in one end of the Kip to hold the pennies.

The Kip is used to Toss the pennies into the air and wagers are made as to which combination of Heads or Tails the pennies land in…

Heads/Heads or Tails/Tails or Odds..

There are some specific rules that need to be followed…

1. Ringkeeper’s decision will be final in the game.

2. A spinner shall be selected by the ringkeeper with the offer of the kip in the clockwise direction around the ring and the kip shall be handed over to the person accepting it initially.

3. The number of pennies to be used shall only be two.

4. A white cross will be marked at the tail side of the pennies.

5. The tails of the pennies will be placed on the kip by the spinner.

6. The dividend could not be taken by the spinner prior to throw the three consecutive heads.

7. The spinner loses his/her right to spin along with his/her total money in the event when the tails are thrown by the spinner.

8. (a) The declaration regarding the invalid spin will be done by the ringkeeper with the announcement of “barred” or ‘no spin’ in the following cases:

(i) Landing of a single or both of the pennies outside the ring;
(ii) Any person or a foreign object outside or inside the ring area is hit by a single or both of the pennies;
(iii) As opined by the ringkeeper, 2 meters should be the least limit for the spinner to spin above the head;
(iv) Ceiling can be hit by either or both of the pennies;
(v) The spinner does not remain within the ring?s boundaries as the kip left by the pennies;
(vi) The ringkeeper can tell whether the pennies have been spun or not; or
(vii) Any specific reason declared or announced by the ringkeeper.
(b) The declaration regarding the invalid spinning of the pennies should be done before the resting of the pennies.
(c) After the declaration regarding the invalidity of the spin is done, the pennies are attempted to get disturbed by the ringkeeper before coming into resting position.

9. Monies at the table’s center shall be set absolutely before making any side bet.
10. A spinner might be withdrawing from the center after throwing three pairs consecutively.
11. The premise where the game is conducted does not allow the person below 18 years of age.
12 The use of offensive language and unseemly conduct is totally restricted.
13. The amount of money wished by the spinner to spin shall be handed over to the ringkeeper. That money as well as the amount equivalent to it from a tail bettor shall be held with the ringkeeper for covering the bet.

These are guidelines only and are not madatory… rules may vary from location to location

I made this Kip from recycled West Australian Jarrah…

I will be listing for sale some Two Up Sets on Etsy… so please check it out…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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4 Responses to Two Up Anyone?

  1. keith irvine says:

    dont get the game rules…r u trying to catch the pennies back on the kip or let them land on the ground in a circle…what size circle..u need to do a vid or explain more clearly…just a dumb canak asking…………….

  2. Lew says:

    Sounds too complicated for me, how about I just give you all the cash I have with me!

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