Take a rather plain piece and embellish it… and Voile….

There are various ways to embellish a piece… route a design… burn a design by way of pyrography … if you are an artist, paint or draw…..or for a fast effective repeatable way…Laser Engraving…

Over the past few years, laser engraving machines have come down in price and are nearly affordable to the home hobbyist… A branded machine is available for under $20,000.00…

Enter the chinese.. a similar machine… obviously not the same quality .. is under $3,000.00

Big difference… of course you expect to do a little tweaking and the laser tubes do not last as long but are affordable and easily replaced.

On Saturday, I went to see a newly found friend.  Bec and I met on a Forum for CNC and Laser users… I have been looking at different laser engravers and dropped in on her to see just how they worked..

Even though her machine is only a hobby model, it was very impressive to see running…

I took a few samples down to see how they would engrave…here are a few pics..

Appropriately, a bunch of grapes on a wine tilt…

This took all of 2 minutes…

Cheese anyone…Notice the fine lines in the font…Come in Spiner…

Any font any size…Any thing at all…this one actually was done in raster mode and took about 6 minutes.


Hoping to have one myself soon… but I would be going for a larger more powerful machine… possible with a worktable of 900 mm by 600 mm  [3 ft by 2 ft] and all the bells and whistles I can afford…

More next post…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to Embellishment

  1. Lew says:

    I would imagine you could add an entirely new dimension to your line of products with a machine like this. “Larry’s Laser’s- We engrave anything”

  2. aaron says:

    I think with your creative skills this machine will pay for itself in no time. look forward to it landing

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