Full time…

For nearly the past fifteen years or so… I have had a nice little woodworking hobby…

Then three years ago this week I bought a Torque WorkCentre… that single decision has lead me to where I am today…

I started a business …Lazy Larry Woodworks… a few months later…

To be able to spend more time with the business, I reduced my hours at the Caboolture Hospital by half..

All up I had over 30 years with  Queensland Health…..”Time for a Change”

What a great slogan for a political party…?

Today I severed that connection…I tendered my resignation…

Lazy Larry Woodworks is now my full time business….and only source of income…

It was time to take the plunge… if I had waited for the time to be right… I would be saying… “I wish I had”..

So, no regrets…

I would like to thank all the folks who supported me while the business grew …. and I hope they will continue to support me and my business…

While looking for a nice pick of taking the plunge…

I found this post…by PisceanBlogger

What it looks like when you are about to take that plunge…


Hey my star sign is Pisces too … go figure…

One other thing…

Response to the timber sale has be phenomenal so the laser engraver is about to be ordered… then watch out….

BTW The colour scheme is White with Blue…not Red and Black…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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15 Responses to Full time…

  1. Way cool Larry. Wish you all the best

  2. Jim Pridmore says:

    Go for it Larry. I hung up my hat a few years ago and this past Friday I had a company call to offer me a job. So I’m taking the plunge at 74 years young.

    BTW it is not a slogan any more it is a purpose to change what we have now as a president.

    I would love to meet you one day.

    God speed with your new adventure.

    Jim Pridmore
    aka: Bearpaw

  3. Heartiest Congratulations!!

  4. Lew says:

    Congrats, Larry! I know you will be very successful. Wow! 30 years in health care. You are a glutton for punishment!!

  5. Congratulations and wishing you all the very best with your full-time venture, Larry! 🙂

  6. Ian Mayne says:

    Larry Good on you. It is scary when you take the first big step but this time next year you will be wondering where the year has gone and why was I worried. All the best going forward and I am sure you will make a great success of it.

  7. Sam says:

    Congratulations dad you will do great!!

  8. john britnell says:

    30years with qld health suggests you can ride the wave of ups and downs.Business is all about P [ie] persistance,persaverance,perfection and patience.Nothing new.I enjoyed meeting you last monday when i collected the timber………john……

  9. 8teen39 says:

    Just looking around and came across your blog. Some beautiful woodwork. But what really got to me was this post. I had the same conversation with my fiance last night. We are getting married next week and I’ m the one saying I should stick with the job I’ve grown disenchanted with. She’s saying make the change now if I’m unhappy. No regrets is her mantra. We have a bit of money, just have to decide what we want to do with it. Ok, now I get the message. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Bec Weir says:

    Well, congrats on the move from QHealth. I’ve been with them for 10 years and have had enough. 30 years would send me over the top!
    Nice to see the leap to wning a LAZOR!!!! has been taken. Where and what is it????

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