Purple Heart… who painted the timber purple?

I still get people wanting to know how I get timber this colour….do I paint it..or is it a stain?

Those of you who have used purple heart know that it is naturally purple…but when you dress or sand it… it goes brown…

If as most of you know you leave it in the sun or UV light in the workshop… hey presto… back to purple…

This piece was partially covered to prevent the whole board from turning Purple.

Here are a few shot of the last of the big bits of purple heart I bought a few years ago…

I initially bought over 2 cubic metres [800 odd board feet] in 3.6 metre [12ft] lenghts 150 by 50 mm…. [1 x 6 inch]…..this is the last three lengths cut to usable size… 700 mm [28 in…] and run through the thicknesser to remove the weathering..

As you can see the color has returned after a few hours in the sun..

If you are interested in buying any of this timber.. you will need to attend the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood show… and be quick… It disappears quickly.. It will be available from the T & G Creations stand…. seTrevor and Geoffry … in the outside area…

There will also be a selection of small pieces of European Wild Cherry and European Walnut available…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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2 Responses to Purple Heart… who painted the timber purple?

  1. Alviti says:

    It’s a lovely colour but hard work on the lathe!

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