First joints ….

Finally put a dovetail bit in the Triton router [fitted in the Gifkins Box Making Router Table]

I like to read all the manuals and instructions [several times] of any new toy… er … tool that I purchase…

IMG_2877Prepared some stock for testing the fit of the dovetails… used jarrah and rosewood… could not find any pine in the workshop… and it is too expensive at the big box stores…LOL

Fitting the actual bit in the router is made very easy with the ability of the router to be wound up through the hole in the table… as this happens the spindle lock button…. which has a tapered end…. slides up into the base and auto locks… making changing bits a one spanner exercise…

Setting the height is also simplified by using the micro adjust knob before locking off.

The height of the bit is set 0.5 mm over the height of the  jig base and the timber used on the adjacent side to the one being cut…

All this is explained extremely well in the instructions [very well written in plain English] and on the website… The video is simple, down to earth and very informative…

So… the test cut… one dovetail and one pin board…as it happened my joint was a tad tight… just inserted two more shims into the jig and after re-cutting the pins… adjustment is only on the pins…I had a very nice tight fit…did not even require glue…

I then added one more shim to make it a little looser so that it not only went together easily but I was able to disassemble the joint for insertion of the base into the rebate… more on that in another post…

Here is the result of this test joint.. Two pieces of  rosewood… kept the Jarrah for the actual box… after the trial was done..More next post…

IMG_2880A little mineral turpentine to bring out the color and grain.. and highlight the spot on dovetails…

My only regret is not buying one of these fabulous jigs earlier… I had a running joke with Roger Gifkins [the inventor] that I would buy one next show… we ran into each other at all the major wood shows around Australia… Well I did buy one… the next show after he sold the business.

Sorry for being so longwinded and saying little…


About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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3 Responses to First joints ….

  1. Lew says:

    Nice looking dove tails, Larry!

  2. Larry Thayer says:

    I wish we could easily exchange some of our wood scraps. I have pine everywhere. It’s kind of like a weed around here in Michigan, USA.

  3. dave1w says:

    Good day Larry and all in Australia I trust you are all well.
    I have been using the Triton Router Table with the Triton router. What a great combination. I was luck enough to have been offered the Gefkin Dovetail jig a few years ago at a very good price and let me tell you there is nothing better. I must say that you guys down under make some very good equipment. Larry great sight, you make some beautiful pieces.
    Good luck to you all.
    Dave Whittington – South Africa.

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