Q and A…

I often get personal messages asking for advice…. I usually just answer them but I thought the answer may be of use to others…So I am posting it here…

Got this PM tonight…

From: Vince
Subject: cutting board joints

Hey Larry,
I haven’t made a lot of cutting boards, but I made one the other day out of Walnut and Maple (checkered end grain) I oiled it and after a couple of days
I noticed that the joint line raised or maybe the wood expanded. But it’s no longer smooth.
Could you tell me why this happened?


Here is my reply.

This is known as glue creep

I get it occasionally… I use titebond III and have been told that this glue will do it… and that I should use polyurethane glue or some such..

It can also be the different timbers. you will find that this will resolve itself and then move again… not much you can do about it…I some times re sand and re oil…

I have also experienced this phenomena with some oils… Mineral oil is one…

You may also experience doming… cupping of the middle of the board… usually in hot or cold weather… it too resolves itself…
More to Making Cutting Boards than most people are aware…Just remember, wood will continue to move with temperature and humidity variations…
Hope this is of some help..
Kind regards

If anyone has anything further to add or another explanation for this, please leave a comment…

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