Who framed the dog?

Just started experimenting with laser engraving photographs on timber…

First commissioned engraving… a landscape of Milne Bay… on Huon Pine…

milneFirst finished framed engraving…

dalmationAnd one of my third NUMBER ONE grandson…Arlo

ArloONplyThe grain in the plywood tends to take away from the engraving….but not bad for a first effort … had to manually manipulate the file before engraving… so once again steep learning curve …


About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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4 Responses to Who framed the dog?

  1. Lew says:

    Even More applications!! Great looking Grandson, Larry!

  2. Richard Smith says:

    lookin good Larry!!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Great!! I am impressed!

  4. Bec says:

    Photo engraving would make for some pretty pistol grips.

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