In the Beginning..

Before I had this fantastic workshop and many fine tools and machines, I must admit that I owned only a hammer, a screw driver, a set of sockets and a stilson wrench left to me by my father… not a power tool in sight…

When WE wanted a new entertainment unit, WE searched all over… too expensive…. not big enough… too big… too poorly made… you get the picture…
What I wanted I could not afford… what I could afford I did not want…
After looking at all the designs and how they were made I very confidently told SWMBO….
“If I had a ROUTER, I could build that entertainment unit WE want”
“Go ahead”… so I did… I saved all my shekels and paid over $275 for a Skil 1/4 inch router and $95 for the box of 20 or so bits.. Mistake #1 and I have not even got into the shed by this stage..

Second power tool I used was a borrowed second hand circular saw…lucky for my friend to lend it to me…He was broken into and had all his tools stolen… except the one I had..

So it was with much confidence and two …. soon to be 3 …. power tools that I set out on my grand adventure into the world of woodworking… I bought a B & D sander.

Then came the cheap …once again… 8 inch Mitre saw… but give it it’s due … I dragged it up onto the roof and cut all the hardwood batons when the roof needed replacing…

From these early beginnings, I went through the upgrades to bigger and not necessarily better… It was what I could afford at the time…
And now I realize that I should have got the best and not the cheapest… so as I can afford better I will upgrade.
It is interesting to see so many people agree that the more expensive and better made tools make life so much easier for the woodworker…
SO to all those naysayers… who tell us that various brands are too expensive… I say re-buying cheaper tools is the most expensive option …in the long run …
I now buy the best and buy it once and really enjoy using it…
Just remember price is soon forgotten but quality lasts lifetimes…

About Lazy Larry

Just a woodworker sharing some of the things learnt the hard way... so you don't make the same mistakes...
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5 Responses to In the Beginning..

  1. Smitty says:

    So very true Larry.
    It is still hard to convince the wife when it comes to her buying things for the house, she believes it when I buy tools, but not otherwise.
    ps. Obama is going to visit Australia soon. You may keep him. Don’t let him come back. Please.

  2. patron says:

    Cheap tools are only worth it if you use them to get the money to buy
    the better ones.
    They will however, teach you a thing or two about their use,
    and what to look for in a better tool .

    Kind of like dating !

  3. Bill says:

    Could not agree more, I too have discovered the hard way that the quality tools are more enjoyable than the elcheapo ones! I now try very hard to wait til the coin is available before dipping into the wish bag of tools I know I just need.
    I saw a sign on the web somewhere, that said:
    “My biggest fear is that when I’m gone, my wife will sell all my tools for what I said I paid for them!”
    I have also learnt the hard way that those sort of small underestimates can come back to bite and leave you red faced!
    Loved the comment about Dating David, it is oh so true! And highly amusing!

  4. Stuart says:

    So you’ve started your own Festool collection? 😉

    Bill – you are quoting a friend of mine – Don Barton (also a Lumberjock)

  5. Bill says:

    After watching the videos of both Larry and Stu on what the Torque Workcentre can do, I’m suggesting one of the major brands, Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi etc combined with the “wee beastie” would be the ultimate for the general home wood worker with limited space.
    No I haven’t tried Festool and may yet do so, I have my eye on a domino after watching you Stu, but for what I do the quality major brands combined with the Torque would be an ideal set up!
    I guess it would come down to how you have your shed set up, (yours must be related to the Tardis Stu, it regularily blows my mind).
    I would probably need to sell a few of my toys and change the layout to go with a torque setup, or I can continue on with the “replace for better” as I have been slowly doing. Yep its a delima!
    Keep up the good work on your blogs Larry and Stu, it is fantastic for those of us with limited woodworking Knowledge to have places where we can learn so much. Though I have not yet joined, I don’t yet feel as if I am anywhere in that league yet, LJ’s is an inspiration and a font of Knowledge usually passed on by some of the most remarkably sincere and friendly people, as I guess most genuine Woodies are, you two are prime examples!

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